Euphonix System 5 style meters for Nuendo

Here are colors used as well as color points for Euphonix System 5  meters on Nuendo:

Note: The values listed are Red/Green/Blue (RGB).

Orange (0dB to +3dB): 238/88/12
Yellow (-6dB to 0dB): 255/255/0
Green (-20dB to -8dB): 101/241/118
Blue (-oo to -20dB): 27/161/234


For Avid System 6 meters try the following:

Orange (0dB to +3dB): 238/88/12 (or 198/40/40 for Red)
Yellow (-6dB to 0dB): 255/204/29
Light Blue (-20dB to -8dB): 154/202/250
Blue (-oo to -20dB): 66/148/250

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